The process


The process followed by The ArtFabric is based on a collaborative work between the artists, the photographers of the ArtFabric and the public targeted by the urban interventions.


The steps are:

1. Artwork from all over the world is sent by post to The ArtFabric

2. We paste the artworks according to the choices made by the communities

3. photo shooting and collecting reactions, wishes for new creations

4. sending photos and ideas to artists

5. going back to paste the results of this collaboration.



Original Artwork is received by post
Ebenholz stencil made from picture taken by the ArtFabric, and discovered by Pai Beto
then the stencil is pasted next to Pai Beto's tent
Elias, a homeless from downtown LA helps pasting an artwork by Ozi (Brasil)
A group of friends in Leopoldina discover the pictures we took of them
and then help us pasting the pictures on their walls
pasting ArtFabric pictures in Leopoldina
Johnny chooses an artwork by Astrotwitch

What is The ARTFABRIC?


The ArtFabric engages conversations with local communities about vital social issues-- such as homelessness, displaced and marginalized people--through collaborative art. Taking the forms of photography and wheat-pasted original artwork in public spheres, The ArtFabric brings light to these vital issues, inspiring people to stop, think, and engage with segments of our society far-too-often over-looked.


We collect their stories, illustrate their dreams, listen to them. Those interactions create links between the artists, the photographers and those communities in order to produce new artworks which are then pasted.


We paste (ie glue) original artworks created on paper by artists from all over the world -street art, photos, collages- on the walls of these communities.


The ArtFabric not only creates immediate pleasure, bubbles of joy, but promotes a continuous engagement. We wish to help restore a link, an indentity, a space for dreams and urban poetry.


Besides our urban activism, we want to raise awareness with exhibitions, artists interventions and multimedia products (books, videos, photo prints)

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