Vila Leopoldina, Sao Paulo

June 2013

Comments on Philippe Herard's artwork (France)

Paraisopolis, Sao Paulo

June 2013

Johnny helps pasting an artwork

from Astrotwitch (USA)

Skid Row, Los Angeles

September 2013

Elias interview in front of artworks by Ozi (Brasil) and Philippe Herard (France)


November 2012

Essegee (Austria), Alaniz (Argentina) Davaca (Brasil) and Nafir (Iran)

Vila Leopoldina, Sao Paulo

October 2013

Pasting artwork from Psycorscz


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November 2012

Pasting an artwork from ZHE155 (UK) on the walls of the last house standing in the ruins of a area subject to gentrification

Vila Leopoldina, Sao Paulo

March 2016

Osmar sings after receiving his portrait made by german artist Psycozrcs

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Minhocao, Sao Paulo

November 2015

Pastings of stenciled portraits by Psycozrcs (Germany) and artwork by Philippe Herard (France) and KOE1 (UK)

Favela do Gato, Sao Paulo

October 2014

Pastings of stenciled portrait of Davidson by Yarps (France), with other artworks from France and Germany


Avenida da ConsolaƧao, Sao Paulo

March 2014

Raising the visibility of the Haitians immigrants in Sao Paulo.

A collab project with JR's Inside Out


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