INDIA 2017

Bangalore and Varanasi: two different worlds where we did our interventions.

In Bangalore, we were greeted in this slum by the kids, the same way we usually are welcomed in Sao Paulo. The communication is done with the images, and quickly a group of a dozen kids take us from one door to one wall, almost fighting to get the brush to paste.

In Varanasi, it is in the maze of crooked little streets where cows block the passage between two honking scooters that we paste, with the intrigued and amused look of the residents.


NiceArt Bangalore
Rustoff Bangalore
Spina Bangalore
Tcha Bangalore
CDM NiceArt Bangalore
Davaca Bangalore
Davaca Bangalore
Karsenty Bangalore
NiceArt Bangalore
Helio Netto Bangalore
Arte Stenciva Bangalore
Tiago Spina Varanasi
Tcha Varanasi
Philippe Hérard Varanasi
Aurore Lephilipponnat Varanasi
Lephilipponnat Varanasi

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