CHINA 2012


What we found in China was similar to what we experienced in Sao Paulo : the gentrification of entire parts of Beijing and Shanghai results in the forced displacement of people who used to live in very modest traditional houses (hutongs). Some resist, mainly the older generation who do not want to change their lifestyle.

In the middle of what looks like a post war landscape, families stay until they will be forced to leave. It is in these devastated areas that we brought art. Despite of an obvious communication problem, the smiles spoke better than words. Groups gathered, commented and looked happy with the results of our interventions.




Gentrification in Shanghai, 2012
This woman is being forced out of her home wher she lived for more than 50 years...
...she chose an artpiece from English artist ZHE155 to be pasted on her house
ZHE155 (UK), Shanghai 2012
Alaniz (Argentina), Beijing 2012
Alaniz (Argentina) , Nafir (Iran), Alemao Stencil (Brasil), Beijing 2012
Artestenciva (Brasil), Beijing 2012
Artestenciva (Brasil), Mittenimwald (Germany), PointCarl (France), Beijing 2012
Mittenimwald (Germany), Beijing 2012
Alemao Stencil (Brasil), Shanghai 2012
Claire Pinatel (France), Shanghai 2012
Noname (France), Kaer Lig Hed (Denmark), Shanghai 2012
Ozi (Brésil), 2026 (Australia), Shanghai 2012
Philippe Herard (France), Shanghai 2012
Mazurka (USA), SRX (Spain), Shanghai 2012
Mittenimwald (Germany), Shanghai 2012
Nether (USA), Shanghai 2012
Diamond (Italy), Shanghai 2012
Helio (Brasil), Philippe Herard (France), Shanghai 2012
PointCarl (France), Shanghai 2012
Nether (USA), Shanghai 2012

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