The ArtFabric is committed to bringing Art to socially vulnerable groups.


We develop projects based on collaborative practices and audience participation.

We paste (ie glue) original artworks on paper (street art, photos, collages) on the walls of marginalized communities: the homeless, the displaced, the excluded. 


So far we have been active in São Paulo, our base, but also in France, China, USA and Mexico. 



Fabi Futata is Brazilian and worked as assistant to photographer Claudio Edinger. She worked in California as a freelance photographer. She has developed various projects in the social field such as Prestes Maia Displacement, Bexiga’s Glue Boys, Gentrification in São Paulo.

She is currently working as a freelance photographer in Sao Paulo.

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Eric Maréchal is French, specialising in street art photography with over 90,000 pictures.

After promoting street art with conferences and exhibitions in France, Mexico, Brazil and Japan, he started in 2008 a new project. Through "Street Art Without Borders" Eric offers street artists from around the world to have their works on paper pasted. Eric would paste in the various places he visited, take pictures and then share these pictures through various media.

By  2013, he has pasted works by 414 artists from 36 countries on the walls of France, Brazil, USA, Cuba, the UK, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Denmark, the Nederlands, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, Albania, and South Korea.


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