In a totally clean city such as Toulouse, the homeless hide under the bridges, as diverse as this group of young adults choosing the street as their ultimate choice of freedom, or Charles, a scottish man escaping the cold north of England.


In contrast, Marseille, a city filled with street art, erases some of it's past with massive reconstruction programs

Tona (Germany), Paddy (France), Toulouse 2013
Tona (Germany), Toulouse 2013
Paddy (France), toulouse 2013
ZHE155 (UK), NiceArt (France), Marseille 2013
Diamond (Italy), Marseille 2013
James from Scotland and Ebenholz (Germany), Toulouse 2013
Nether (USA), Yarps (France), Toulouse 2013
Yarps (France), Toulouse 2013

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