Paraisopolis is the largest favela of Sao Paulo.

This 100,000 people city in the city is almost totally deprived of street art contrary to most of Sao Paulo.

When we started to paste on the makeshift walls of this favela, we were initially greeted with skepticism...very quickly this became enthusiasm, and not only were they asking for more, but they spontaneously selected the artworks and the locations where they wanted them to be pasted.

Stories unfolded like this of José Adriano who was at the core of an exchange between the photographers of the ArtFabric and german artist Ebenholz. Another story started with Johnny, a young father aged 19, who wants to complete his tatooed body with the artwork of US artist Astrotwitch just pasted. On his side, Astrotwitch integrated some of Johnny's tatoos in his paintings...follow their stories in the following pictures...




The street is the last resort for sheltering those people who have lost everything.

Their "home" is made of a piece of plastic, the ceiling of a bridge, at best a small tent...they are invisible to the rest of the urban population. Their life is ephemeral and mere survival is their daily obsession when crack and alcohol gives them a short break...

We have heard their broken life stories. And we have seen their joy and admiration for the art given to them as a bubble of joy, of colour in a uniformly grey environment.

They live in the Invisible Shelter ...


ZHE155 (UK), Leopoldina 2013
Pointcarl (France), Leopoldina 2012
Davaca (Brasil), Leopoldina 2013
Ebenholz (Germany), Leopoldina 2013
TheFabric, Glicerio 2013
TheFabric, Leopoldina 2013
TheFabric, Leopoldina 2013
TheFabric, Leopoldina 2013
TheFabric, Leopoldina 2013
TheFabric, Leopoldina 2013
TheFabric, Leopoldina 2013
TheFabric, Leopoldina 2013
THTF (France), Leopoldina 2013
Noname (France), Leopoldina 2013
Diamond (Italy), Leopoldina 2012
Diamond (Italy), Leopoldina 2012
Jorge, by Psycozrcs (Germany), Leopoldina 2014
Relento, by Psycozrcs (Germany), Leopoldina 2014
Nicé, Junior and Rafael in front of Psycozrcs stenciled portraits, Minhocao, Sao paulo, november 2014
Tian, Sonpy, Ebenholz under the Minhocao, Sao Paulo, september 2014
Paraisopolis 2012
Ebenholz (Germany), Paraisopolis Sept 2012
Ghandi by Ebenholz with Adriano in the front
Ebenholz and Adriano, Feb 2013
Adriano, 7 years old, discovers the sticker made by Ebenholz from the picture of the pasting...
Ebenholz (Germany), Paraisopolis June 2013
Ebenholz creates a new stencil from the picture of Adriano holding Ebenholz sticker !
Astrotwitch (USA) with Johnny's help, Paraisopolis June 2013
Johnny's tatoo...and paste up of Gachett (France), Paraisopolis June 2013
Johnny proudly disciovers Astrotwitch art including Johnny's tatoo, Paraisopolis, march 2014
Astrotwitch art including Johnny's tatoo, Paraisopolis, march 2014
Philippe Herard (France), Paraisopolis Sept 2012
Lilly Luciole (Canada), Paraisopolis Feb 2013
Philippe Herard (France) and Nokhook (Thailand), Paraisopolis June 2013
Sorta (USA), Paraisopolis Feb 2013
Nether (USA), Paraisopolis 2013
Noname (France), Icy & Sot (Iran), Paraisopolis 2013
Weami and Aniu (China), Paraisopolis 2013
ZHE155 (UK), Paraisopolis 2012
Koe1 (UK), Paraisopolis nov 2013
Igor from favela Paraisopolis interpreted by Ebenholz, Paraisopolis, nov 2014
Mutartis (UK), Paraisopolis, nov 2014

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